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For you, who have already had the pleasure to visit Thailand and taste their local specialties, I probably don’t need to repeat how awesome Thai food is. The good piece of news is that today there is no problem to taste almost any types of cuisines from all over the world without leaving your country and even better- without leaving your home.
It was not like this few years ago, when many restaurants were created mainly for this reason.
One example is Oriental Deli in Tokyo which started 10 years back in Shirokane and nowadays is having restaurants in 4 Tokyo areas- Shirokane, Akasaka, Komaba and Kagurazaka.

We have visited Oriental Deli and made a short interview with their Senior Managing Director, Dazai-san, to learn more about their cooking art:

What is the story behind Oriental Deli?

“When I was at university 10 years ago, I very often used to go to Thailand. After my graduation I started working for a clothing company and imported clothes from Thailand so I went there twice a month. I noticed how delicious Thai food was but it was not popular in Japan at that time. Finally I decided to open a Thai restaurant together with my friend.”

Was it difficult to bring Thai cuisine to Japan?

“Yes, actually very difficult. There were only few Thai restaurants in Tokyo at that time but as I said, Thai food was not so popular among the Japanese. We tried to do delivery only to overcome this obstacle. It took long 5-6 years until setting our business.”

What makes you different from other Thai restaurants in Tokyo?

“Our chefs are strictly Thai with at least 5 years of experience in the best Thai restaurants or hotels. We adjust the recipes to the Japanese taste so they are not so spicy and people simply love our food.”

Could you describe the secret of Thai cuisine?

“There are many flavors: hot, sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The secret lies in many different spices, herbs and carefully selected ingredients.”

Dazai-san chose their 3 most popular dishes and while preparing we made a short visit in the kitchen and met the chefs, Men-san and Ei-san. 

As the first plate we received Som Tam (Green papaya salad), Bangkok style healthy salad. It was very light but perfectly flavored with a slightly hot taste.


Our second dish coming was Pad Pak Bung Fai Daeng, stir-fried Chinese morning glory (water spinach) with pepper, nam pla and the original sauce.  Basic food but very popular in Thailand, yummy!


The last dish we tasted was Gapao, the most popular rice dish at Oriental Deli. Juicy minced pork stir-fried with Thai basil, original mixed spices and green pepper. Ideally going together with Thai rice topped with a fried egg.


It was a pleasure to visit Oriental Deli and to try their tasty food. Thai cuisine really is a culinary experience. They have our full recommendation.

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