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“Expertly designed, carefully tasted and made with love.” Malcolm Mahs, the co-owner of The Earl (with his wife, Lenne Hardt), came to Japan with the New Zealand Embassy back in 1993, for a two year posting. That was 23 years ago. As a system designer he always wanted to use technology and food together, but with years passing he realized that good tasting food is more important and because at that time there were no good sandwiches in Tokyo he decided to open his own shop.

“Sandwiches are great fast food, because every country, every culture has some sort of sandwich. Whether there’s a flat sandwich, open top sandwich, wrap sandwich…. every-one has something, so it is very international. And this city is very international.”

“Our sandwiches are very unique, not standard. All our sauces we make ourselves. We carry out extensive taste testing to ensure the fillings go well together and match the breads they are in. All to be sure the flavours harmonize.”


The Earl takes inspiration from over the world. The names of their sandwiches are based on cities or different places. For example Chicago Hippie is a kind of BLT (which Chicago is famous for) topped with avocado (avocado comes from California where a lot of hippies come from), that’s how Malcolm creates the names. Other sandwiches are personified, they present a person. California Bombshell, Lady Saigon, Yokohama Mamma etc… Sounds interesting, right?

“London Guv’nor that’s roast beef, tomato, lettuce and English mustard dressing. Typical London. Honolulu Dude is baked ham and pineapple, very characteristic for Hawaii.” When choosing your sandwich you will surely find an interesting name you would love to try.

Malcolm prepared for our team the most popular dishes they serve. First out we had the pleasure to taste the Southwest Pistolero. Filled to the brim with bacon lettuce, avocado, smoked chicken and tomato, drizzeled with their own “Southwest” sauce. This marinade based sauce with jalapeno, cumin, a little bit of garlic and coriander fully picks up the flavours of that region. “The sauce  is a little bit spicy by itself, but when you put it in a sandwich as a whole, it just gives a nice little kick.”


Looking at this amazing sandwich you can see its giant size. All carefully selected ingredients fully harmonizes in colors and taste, and make you desire to bite into this tasty meal. And the dressing? We have never tasted better. Fresh, big and super delicious, honestly, not much more to wish for in a sandwich.

As the second came the Durango Jango, the most popular sandwich at The Earl.  It is similar to the Southwest Pistolero with chicken, avocado, tomato, lettuce, bacon but with red onions, cheese and their own “Jango” sauce,  a kind of spicy chipotle chili sauce. The spice gives a really unique taste. We fell in love with it after our first bite and enjoyed it until the end.


Our last dish was the California Bombshell, favourite vegetarian sandwich. This wrap is stuffed with avocado, alfalfa, lettuce, kumara potato (which is a kind of sweet potato), red onions, cheese, poppy seeds topped with their own Safari sauce, with flavours from Africa. Vegetarian or not, chances are you will love it. The sauces are the true differentiator between The Earl and other sandwich shops, and Malcolm and the team at The Earl really has put their heart and soul into making their sandwiches different.


Apart from sandwiches The Earl offers salads, soups and their “Little Hotties”, cheese filled and baked in the oven. And of course after every good meal, a great sweet end should follow. Carrot cupcake, Banana blondie, Chocolate-, Raspberry- or Walnut brownie will make your day even better.

Would you like to enjoy these great sandwiches at a meeting or during your company breakfast? You have just found the right restaurant for you! The Earl’s speciality is catering.

Try it now in the comfort of your own home with and enjoy our fast sandwich delivery.

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