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Finding a good pizza in Tokyo could be very difficult if you don’t know where to go. That is also the main reason why Pizzakaya has been founded, to bring a little bit of The United States, and in particular California, to Japan. It is located in Roppongi area and has been around since 1996. You can also get your true American pizza in their Okinawa restaurant since 2012.

When you walk into Pizzakaya, it is like stepping out of Japan and you will feel like in the US, surrounded by different motifs either from movies or videogames and funny posters on walls. You will instantly feel welcomed by the warmly red painted walls, nicely combined with big wooden tables, creating a cozy feeling.

The open kitchen, where you can see your pizza being baked in their authentic pizza oven, makes the feeling of coming to Pizzakaya even more homey. The aroma of the pizzas in the making will tickle your senses and work up a good appetite.

Derek Thomas and the Pizzakaya's interior

We asked Derek Thomas, Pizzakaya’s president, a former military member residing in Japan for 24 years, to prepare the three dishes they are most proud of. From a very wide menu he finally chose the Avocado Salad, the Pepperoni Pizza and their famous Carrot Cake.

We started with the Avocado Salad. When Derek brought it to us the only thing we were able to say was just “-Wow, that is a really big salad !”.  You can eat it on your own,  but if you are feeling generous, it is certainly big enough to share with your family or friends. Fresh lettuce base topped with tomatoes, onion and slices of avocado with a very delicious dressing makes it just perfect.

If you are not a big fan of avocado, no worries, you will probably find something else that will satisfy your salad craving,  like the Bacon Caesar Salad, a Tomato Basil Salad, a Green Salad or a Taco Salad… Sounds good, right?

Our second dish was the Pepperoni Pizza which, according to Derek, is the most ordered one. We could smell it already 10 minutes before being served to us. After cutting it you can see the great balance of cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni. Our maishoku team really enjoyed it.

There are two sizes to choose from, medium and large, and also a possibility go half and half. If in the mood for anything else than Pepperoni pizza, you could also love: The Spicy Coconut pizza (a Sri Lankan blend of coconut, onion, green pepper, and spices), the Vegetarian Delight Pizza (tomato, mushrooms, olive, garlic, green pepper & onion), the Mixed Seafood pizza and a lot of others (check here).

What would a dinner be without a dessert? They offer only one, but it is definitely worth trying! You will probably be amazed with the size of this carrot cake. It was really huge. Derek prepares personally this piece of heaven and honestly, it was truly delicious.  Share it if you must, but you don’t have to.


To a great meal with no doubts belongs a good drink. If in the mood for a beer, Pizzakaya offers a wide range of them. And if you are a fan of American craft beers, you are at the right place. If you prefer to drink wine, you will find wines mainly from the US and emphasis in on Californian wines. Of course there are also non-alcoholic beverages available.

Pizzakaya has special offers that might interest you. For example “ALL YOU CAN EAT” -any pizza, salad and drinks for two hours. Or a set for two, including medium pizza, salad, appetizer and two drinks.

We are very proud to have this pizza restaurant on and after our visit we can confirm what is said on Tripadvisor; Pizzakaya really offers some of the best California style pizzas in Tokyo. They deserve their certificate of excellence.

If you don’t know what for today’s dinner, try out Pizzakaya and their fast pizza delivery. With you can enjoy it even in the comfort of your home!

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