Meet CLOUDMEAL, maishoku for business

How would it feel if I told you that you will never have to prepare your lunch at home again, stand in long lines in convenient stores or wait in restaurants?

With our online food ordering and delivery service CLOUDMEAL.IO this is now possible!

CLOUDMEAL connects companies with a vast variety of restaurants and it enables your employees to easily plan and order their lunches for a timely delivery every day. All without any fees for the company. Gone are the days of lunch boxes from home, or running to the convenient store to get something quick, wasting time in lines. CLOUDMEAL offers healthy, tasty, ready-to-order food delivered to the office.

Our service is flexible, affordable, easy and quick, and unlike our competitors’ it is fully automated and ONLINE.


Dropbox Japan about CLOUDMEAL

“Unlike many other meal services, CLOUDMEAL has the great benefit of offering a vast variety of different cuisines to choose from every day. CLOUDMEAL.IO is fully automated and doesn’t require any administration from us with invoices or orders, as it is all taken care of by the system. Hence minimal administrative effort from our side.

For us it is important to keep our employees happy, and CLOUDMEAL helps us doing that.”      



Try out CLOUDMEAL, you can only gain!

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