The best Burgers in Tokyo from Maishoku


American favorite dish, available almost at each corner in the US, wins its favor over the world. Japan is not an exception and you can find many restaurants serving this delicious food. So the question is probably not “where can I get a burger” but “where can I get a really great burger with no disappointment”.

Maishoku is here to help you with this dilemma and even more. Don’t bother with taking a train and trying to find a good restaurant on your own. We make your life easier and deliver the best quality to your door.

1.BROZERS’ ~Hamburger~

Brozer’s burger restaurant has been in business for 13 years in Ningyo-cho, Nihongashi area. From regular size burgers to this super huge Double Lot Burger. One of their 34 choices will be definitely in your taste.




2.FUNGO ~Best Sandwich & Burger in Tokyo~

Hamburgers and sandwiches, that’s Fungo. Choose from different types of buns and combine ingredients to get the best taste. Mexican, Hawaiian or  fish? They have it all!




3.Burger GABURI

Are you a French cuisine lover? Burger Gaburi is worth trying!

They have a lot of cheese choices and Foie Gras Burger! All of them 100% beef, topped with fresh vegetable and selected ingredients.





Base offers many delicious burgers made of fresh ingredients! Why not try their special Base Burger which created the restaurant’s name?




5.Place in the sun

Place in the sun tries with no doubt to make their burgers even more special. Teriyaki & Yuzupepper Burger, Asian Sweet Chili Burger or Sunny Side Up Burger…curious? Let’s try that!


place in the sun


So which one are you gonna try first?

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