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Chicken showcased as the main dish in a Japanese meal is neither foreign nor new. There’s the timeless “salaryman’s” after hours snack of grilled chicken skewers or yakitori, the childhood favorite fried-chicken finger food known as kara-age, and, of course, the universally loved “teriyaki chicken” marinated and grilled with its signature tare—or sauce—consisting of the perfect balance of soy sauce, sake, and sugar.

So why, then, given the array of beloved chicken dishes adopted to suit the Japanese taste buds would someone embark on a culinary path less followed by—and we’re not talking about following in the footsteps of Colonel Sanders.

ALZE Rotisserie Chicken, with locations in both Roppongi and Hiroo, has opened a restaurant that specializes in traditional French rotisserie chicken. And they are not shy about letting it known that they know how to do roast chicken right. Given the opportunity to visit ALZE’s Hiroo branch, literally a one-minute walk from the French Embassy, I sampled one of their savory lunch plates—the “B. ALZE Burger.”

Chicken Plate

Chicken Plate

Even before setting foot into ALZE, the alluring aromas of chickens roasting slowly on a spit captivated my senses, and the prospect of sampling their signature “Rotisserie Chicken Plate”—served with an equally generous helping of roasted potatoes, turmeric rice, and homemade pickles—made my mouth water with delight. But, boy, was I happy to be proven wrong!

Contrary to my image of a ground chicken patty, the “B. ALZE Burger” was served as an “open burger” unveiling a crisp chicken breast permeating my palate with its aromatic and flavorful marinade of rosemary and thyme. Opposite to the chicken, was an eye-catching combination of fresh lettuce, red and yellow bell peppers topped on a toasted hamburger bun slathered with homemade wasabi mayonnaise. Oh! And did I mention that ALZE only uses hon-wasabi—AKA real and freshly grated from the source!! I should also mention that ALZE specifically sources regionally grown chicken from Iwate Prefecture, while the dried herbs and spices that define classic rotisserie cooking hail from France.


But to go back to the chicken burger that tantalized all five senses, ALZE’s attention to details is what makes this tasty spin on traditional rotisserie chicken so good it deserves an encore!! And luckily, for you and me, this encore can come home delivered in the convenience of—what I call—“slow fast food.” Chicken marinated for two days, slow-roasted for an hour, and swiftly delivered to your doorstep in one click!

While roast chicken may be the infallible Sunday night dinner overseas, if you’ve lived in Japan and haven’t already noticed…not only are Japanese living quarters tiny, the average Japanese kitchen does not come equipped with a foreign kitchen staple—an oven! So go on and surprise your family on the next weeknight dinner, or your Friday night date, or even your girlfriends on a “girl’s night in” because you don’t need to give yourself an excuse to indulge in the taste of a classic home cooked meal without the mess! And given ALZE’s generous portions, there may even be leftovers (if you’re lucky).


But if you are looking for an excuse to indulge, with Valentine’s Day looming right around the corner, there are perfectly sized portion options ranging for those with a beau to all the single ladies (and gents)! Choose from ALZE’s quarter, half, or whole roast chicken all served on a bed of delectable roasted potatoes. With a bottle of wine (or bubbly), you and your company will be sure to swoon over this mouthwatering masterpiece!

Bon appétit!

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